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I’m already back from my last trip and I want to show you what I packed for my trip to Europe. I hope it’s helpful for you in one way or another. I wanted to share with you what to pack for a trip to Europe before traveling, but I didn’t have time to post. It was my first trip in December and thus my first winter in Europe so I didn’t have much previous experience. In other trips, I’ve traveled in late summer, in autumn and early spring.

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What I pack for a trip to Europe. Checked luggage

Normally I don’t carry much luggage even though I pack a standard 25 inch suitcase. So far I have always packed the same stuff. I also like to shop when I travel so I prefer to have plenty of space. Anyway if I need something, I can buy it in the place where I go.

I took with me 2 pants, a more formal trouser and a pair of jeans (besides the one that I was wearing). Also, 2 tunics that I wear with pants. I took 2 blouses plus the one I was wearing. To sleep 2 sets of pajamas. In Spain, I bought a skirt that I wore for the new year’s celebration. You can pack a dress or a skirt if you are planning to assist an event or dinner.

Tops I pack for a trip to Europe
The tops I packed

I brought 2 straps blouses to use as a base, 3 bras and 6-7 pieces of underwear. Socks I packed 5 pairs (I also bought several more pairs) and 2 pairs of tights for the cold weather. A pair of flip-flops for the shower and this time I only took a pair of (comfort) shoes (in my feet) because I wanted to buy some boots.

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Some underwear I pack for a trip to Europe
My underwear

I also wore a trench coat that I bought in spring but it’s not very warm… better pack a winter coat. I also took 2 cardigans and 3 light scarves to add color to my wardrobe. Where I live the temperature doesn’t drop lower than 16 degrees so I don’t have winter clothes.

Pack a coat for your trip to Europe
The coat I packed

I had a pair of gloves that I bought at the flea markets in Italy (not very good quality) but I lost one on a bus trip and I had to buy another pair.

Don't forget to pack a cozy pajama for a trip to Europe
My pajama

Makeup and Accesories

What I almost didn’t pack for my trip to Europe was accessories or makeup. I prefer to pack the minimal and I don’t have time to do the full makeup or to change accessories and jewelry every time I go out.

I only packed three bracelets, a necklace and the ring I always use. Also I wore a belt and a small handbag (in Portugal I bought a larger one where everything fits).

For makeup, I packed my bb cream (in the hand luggage), loose powder, a brush, and a concealer. For the eyes, I packed a palette of shadows in neutral colors, a brown, golden and blue pencils, and a black liquid eyeliner. Eyelash curler and mascara in black color are also a must.

I also used powder for eyebrows and a peach color blush. For the lips only a lip balm for dryness, a gloss in raspberry tone and a pink tone lipstick which I used the most.

I also packed some bobby pins and elastics to style my hair, but the reality is that my hair is impossible so I better made a bun or a basic ponytail.


In my checked suitcase I had shampoo, liquid soap, body lotion and my facial cream for night.

I also packed many disposable tissues because I bought a package. As I traveled for more than a month I also packed feminine pads and depilation products.

what I packed in my hand luggage

In my hand luggage, I carried my purse obviously, my toiletries, documents, and electronic devices. Besides a scarf and extra socks. I also carried my glasses and sunglasses (although in winter I almost didn’t use them).

Hand luggage that I pack for a trip to Europe
My hand luggage

It is very practical to have a bag organizer so that you don’t have all your things scattered inside the bag. I have one I got as a gift and although it is a little old I always carry it in my trips

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Among my toiletries, I packed deodorant, some cosmetics such as lip balm and facial powder. Also a comb, toothbrush, makeup remover wipes


In the liquid bag, I packed my bb cream, contact lenses, liquid for lenses, toothpaste, perfume, liquid eyeliner and antibacterial. You can also take body cream and some facial moisturizer. It’s also a good idea to take antibacterial wipes so that it doesn’t count as liquid.

These are the liquid items I packed for my trip to Europe
The liquids I packed

The electronics I pack for my trip to Europe are my tablet, earphones, my mobile, and camera (we bought a nice Nikon camera that you can check on the link). Besides to the chargers and plug adapters for the sockets in Europe. And don’t forget to pack enough memory cards and extra batteries if necessary.

don't forget to pack for a trip to Europe your necessary chargers and plug adapters
chargers and adapters

I also always carry a notebook or travel journal and 2 pens. You must always have at least one pen on hand because many times we have to fill out migration or customs forms on the plane.

You can have a look at these interesting travel articles in Christmas Gifts for travelers

Essentials to pack for a trip to Europe

The things I pack for a trip to Europe in the first place are my documents. Passport, plane tickets, confirmation of my bookings, etc. And I always double check before leaving home.

I also pack earplugs and mask to sleep, especially when the flight takes 11 hours and I find it very difficult to sleep while traveling. You can also take a book or magazine, very useful if you travel alone and you have to wait or travel many hours.

A must pack for a trip to Europe and any trip are my earplugs and sleeping mask to have a nice sleep
Items I carry in my hand luggage

A camera and a notebook are also essential. In the notebook, I take notes of transports, directions, attractions and also write down my impressions.

Also, you must carry a smartphone with a map application. It will help you a lot on your trip. And of course, you can download your favorite music to make the trip more enjoyable.

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Pack a medical kit!

Don’t forget to pack a medical kit because you never know when you might need them. Pack the basics like pills for a headache or stomach upsets, but also for some conditions you may have.

when I pack for a trip to Europe I take paracetamol and band-aids because I always (always) get blisters on my feet. But also I sometimes suffer from dizziness so I carry diphenidol and cinnarizine.

I always pack medicines for my trip to Europe
Always pack medicines!

Believe me, especially on long trips, it’s better to pack what you know works for you. Otherwise, you might buy a medication that will cost more and that maybe will not help. I tell you from my own experience.

Travel documents

This is the list of documents that I always carry with me when I pack for a trip to Europe. Some are necessary to meet the requirements for admission to the European Union.

  • Ticket to leave Europe or return to my country.
  • Bank statement of my account to prove economic solvency (depending on the country is the amount they ask you to prove).
  • Travel insurance policy with at least 30,000 euros to cover my entire stay in Europe.
  • Confirmation of my accommodation booking.
  • Photocopy of my passport (it’s not a condition, but just in case).

Some tips to pack for a trip to Europe in winter

Well, the truth is that I fell short with the clothes I packed for winter. These are some tips that I can give you so you do not suffer from the cold as I did. Especially if you are from a country with warm weather like me.

Always pack thermal clothing. On my trip, I bought opaque thermal tights that became my best friends. The temperatures during the day reached 5°C and in some cities, it gets even lower. Research about the weather in your destination and prepare yourself.

include thermal clothes if you pack for a trip to Europe in winter
pack some thermal tights for winter

Wear a winter coat and preferably waterproof. I don’t like to carry very heavy coats, that’s why I didn’t pack one, but definitely, it’s necessary. Try to wear one that does not weigh much, but that is warm and waterproof.

Anyway, get dressed in layers, but try to find clothes in warm fabrics. For example, my cardigans did not help me much. I bought a much thicker sweater which I wore under my coat most of the time.

pack clothes for layering on your trip to Europe
I packed these cardigans to layer

Don’t forget winter accesories

Wear or buy gloves that are warm inside, and if you go to the snow also waterproof. I bought some for 10 euro, very cute, but they didn’t help much to warm my hands. If you are addicted to mobile, make sure to buy touchscreen gloves.

Buy or pack a winter hat, your little head will thank you. Also, wear thick scarves. I bought a pashmina because the scarves I was wearing were not warm at all. For the first days in Spain and Portugal they were “ok”, but in Paris, I was very cold.

This suitcase I pack for a trip to Europe
The suitcase that I carry on my trips

What do you pack for a trip to Europe?

Well, this is all I basically pack for my trip to Europe. Now it’s your turn to tell me what you pack and which are your travel essentials.

What advice can you give us to pack in winter? The truth is that I don’t have much experience with cold climates and this time I suffered. Leave your comments in the section below and you can also ask any question.

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Thanks for reading and bon voyage!

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