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I had heard that a good idea while in Seville was to take a short trip and spend one day in Ronda. We did that and it did not disappoint me. It is a beautiful and interesting little city. I encourage you to visit and while you prepare your trip I leave you some options of what you can do one day in Ronda.

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Traveling by bus from Seville

We took the bus from Seville at Prado Station. Each ticket cost €12 euros. It’s convenient to buy the ticket in advance. We did not. We arrived directly at the station and the bus was full. Luckily they changed to a larger bus and we were able to get on. Another option is to arrive very early because there are several departures. In this link, you can book and check schedules.

The time to reach Ronda is between 2 hours and a half to 3 hours. Not so little time. It’s another reason to arrive early to the station if you make the trip on your own from Seville. Luckily the Ronda bus station is very close to the old town where most of the attractions in Ronda are. It will take about 10 minutes on foot to get there.
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What to do one day in Ronda?

Near Plaza de España, on the way to the old town, there is a Tourist Office where you can get a map and get tourist orientation.

Visit the New Bridge (and the Old Bridge)

The first place to go is the Puente Nuevo (New Bridge) because the views from there are incredible. Also, it’s the most famous monument in Ronda. It was built between 1751 and 1793. It links the modern part with the old part of the city. They built it above the Tajo de Ronda, a gorge 100 m deep where the Guadalevín River passes.

 The New Bridge is one of the top attractions to see one day in Ronda
New Bridge

The Old Bridge still exists and it’s a bridge with a single arch that linked the city with the Mercadillo quarter. Its origin is uncertain but the most accepted theory is that it was built during the Arab domination.

Guadalevin river in Ronda Spain
Guadalevin River

Mirador de Ronda

The Mirador or viewpoint of Ronda is a small square where you can have fabulous views of the landscape that surrounds Ronda. In the center, there is a kiosk where, on this occasion, we could listen to music from a band that was selling their CDs. With the background music and the height of Ronda, the experience was magical.

view from the viewpoint of ronda a place you must visit one day in Ronda
landscape from the viewpoint
View of the Cliff in the beautiful city of Ronda
View of the Cliff

The Tajo de Ronda

The Tajo de Ronda is how they call the cliff in the middle of the city. Then you can not miss the views from below if you spend a day in Ronda. Only reach the Maria Auxiliadora Square to find the stairs that will take you down to admire the New Bridge over the Tajo. Be careful because the road is quite steep. Only go down if you have a good physical condition because you will need it to go up.

Gate of the Mills Ronda
Here is the way down to the Tajo
view of the new bridge from the tajo de Ronda, a must see when you spend one day in Ronda
New Bridge from the Tajo de Ronda

Arab walls and Gates

The walls around the city of Ronda allowed it to achieve great prosperity. Much of this wall is still visible. The Gate of Almocabar, built in the 13th century, stands out on the south side. Its name comes from the Arabic al-muqabir which means cemetery. Near this door, outside the wall, was the pantheon of the city.
Almocabar gate is one of the arab gates that are worthy to visit one day in Ronda
Almocabar Gate By Gumerg (Own Work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 Es (Https://Creativecommons.Org/Licenses/By-Sa/3.0/Es/Deed.En)], Via Wikimedia Commons
On the East side is the Puerta de la Cijara, which was the access to the Muslim Madina. The West side of the wall had two access gates, Puerta del Viento (Gate of the wind) and Puerta del Cristo (Gate of the Christ).

Arch of Phillip

The Arch of Phillip was an old Arab gate which they remodeled in the reign of Phillip V in the year 1742. Through this gate passed a great flow of people and merchandise. After the collapse of the first New Bridge, it was necessary to enlarge it. It is a very nice place to take pictures.

Arch of Phillip V is a part of the wall that you can see one day in Ronda
Arch of Phillip V

The House of the Moorish King

It’s an Arab palace of the 18th century. It has undergone many renovations due to the various owners it has had. It’s currently closed to the visitors, but you can visit the gardens and the so-called Water Mine that exists below. We didn’t have enough time to visit it. But if you have time when you spend one day in Ronda I think it’s an interesting place. In this site, you can read more information and see photographs of the water mine.

The house of the moorish king an interesting place to visit one day in Ronda
View of the House of the Moorish King

The house of the moorish king in ronda
the House of the Moorish King by Luu [CC BY-SA 3.0 (Https://Creativecommons.Org/Licenses/By-Sa/3.0)], Via WikiMedia Commons

Arab baths

The hammam or Arab baths date back to the Nasrid reign, between the 13th and 14th centuries. It had 3 rooms, the cold, the warm and the hot room. It was a space for religious purification and socialization. The roof has very nice star-shaped skylights. The price to enter is € 3.50. In this link, you can check the schedules and get a brochure.

Cathedral of Ronda

This is another building you should visit if you spend one day in Ronda. The construction of the Cathedral or Church of Santa María la Mayor lasted more than two centuries. It has several styles, as is common in this type of buildings, Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance. The entrance ticket price is €4.50.

Santa Maria la mayor church in Ronda
Cathedral of Ronda

Besides, there are several churches that you can admire even from outside. I don’t know about you, but after a while, I get tired of churches and I begin to see them all the same. One of these is the austere Church of the Holy Spirit. Its construction began in 1485 and ended 20 years later. Admission costs €1 euro.

the church of the holy spirit is one of the buildings that you can admire one day in Ronda
Church of the Holy Spirit

The Church of Our Father Jesus has that name because in its interior there’s an image called Father Jesus Nazarene. They worship it in Ronda and they display it for the procession of the Holy Thursday.

The church of our father jesus in Ronda Spain
The Church of Our father Jesus

Plaza de Toros

If you have interest in bullfighting and have plenty of time, you can visit the Plaza de Toros. It’s the oldest in Spain. Ronda was the birthplace of the famous bullfighter Pedro Romero. Pedro and his brother were even portrayed by Goya. Inside the bullring building, there is also a museum and an exhibition of antique firearms. Admission is €7.00. I don’t like bullfighting, so I didn’t go inside. On this site, you can buy tickets.

Discover the corners of Ronda

Ronda is a city with an incredible landscape and with several slopes. If you walk through the city you will find interesting places to take beautiful photos. There are many stairs, walls, bridges and different corners from where you can appreciate this amazing city.

Many enchanting corners to see one day in Ronda
View of the river and bridge
If you are staying in Seville, it is a must to spend one day in Ronda. If you can stay longer, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too. Here is a selection of budget accommodation in Ronda
What do you think of this little city? Have you already visited it or would you like to visit it? Leave your comments and/or suggestions in the section below. And if you enjoyed this post, support me by sharing it on your favorite social media. Bon Voyage!

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  2. Wow! Never heard of Ronda before, but it looks so beautiful from the photos. So much history, too, which I absolutely love, and so much information! Makes me want to travel there and explore it myself one day!

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