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Seriously! If there is a place where it seems that magic exists, that place is Prague (ok, maybe it’s not the only one, but sure it’s on the list). We spent 4 full days in Prague, do you want to know what to do in Prague in 4 days? Then keep reading.

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I Had the fortune to come in Easter season, and although I didn’t plan it and it was difficult to get ideal accommodation, it was wonderful after all.

There were Easter market stalls everywhere and everything was colorfully decorated ( I can’t wait to come back for Christmas!).

I like to visit a city slowly, and not rushing from one place to another, trying to see it all, just to take the photo and say “I was there.”

Sometimes I like to sit just to watch people pass, to enjoy a snack or just to rest my feet from walking. In this post, I will tell you about what we did and some ideas about what you can do in Prague in 4 days.

Even I will mention some places or views that I missed and that I consider you should not miss.

Taking a glance at Prague

We arrived very early, at 7 a.m, (again!) and our apartment was not ready, so we had to wait. The bus station was crowded, it seems that Prague was a popular destination this Easter.

The first thing to do was to exchange some money. We were coming from Croatia and we had some kunas left. We did so, and then we drank a coffee in the Burger King. we left our luggage in the lockers and we took our first walk in Prague.

The main bus station is UAN Praha Florenc, located not that far from the center, about 2 km. The luggage storage prices are CZK 60 or € 2,50 per suitcase or bag. One euro equals 25,7 CZK. We didn’t go so far in our first walk as we were tired. We had breakfast at the nearest McDonalds and then we walked as far as Palladium shopping mall.

Where to stay in Prague.

The truth is that we didn’t account about the Pascua celebrations so we didn’t book in advance. In the end, we had to book an Airbnb quite far from the center.

Despite being a decent apartment, I can’t recommend it due to its location. Of course, considering the circumstances we were lucky ?. The apartment was located one stop of metro away from the center, so it was easy to get there. But the stop was several blocks away from the apartment.

So I recommend you to stay in the Old Town (a region known as Prague 1) or any of the surrounding areas. Even Malá Strana, on the other side of the river, is a good choice because it’s near the Castle, Kafka museum, and other attractions.

Check out this map with accommodation near the center.

What to do in Prague the first day: The Old Town

On our first official outing, we took the metro to Staroměstská station. Coming out from metro we had the view of a splendid building, which later I knew it was The Rudolfinum, a gallery and concert hall.

Rudolfinum in Prague

We walked more and we passed by some peculiar buildings and we realized we were in The Jewish Quarter. The Jewish Quarter is a popular and visited area of the old town.

Jewish Quarter Prague

Then we reached a festive area decorated with colorful ribbons and eggs, filled with rustic, wood stalls. It was the Old Town Square dressed in Easter clothes.

The Old Town square is, without a doubt the number 1 place to visit. If you have only one day in Prague this is the place to come. Among the many buildings of this square, The church of our lady before Týn is notorious because of its gothic style.

This church was built between the 14th and 15th centuries. The admission fee is voluntary, although they recommend one euro (25 CZK). when there are masses is not possible to enter for sightseeing.

Old Town Square & The Church of Our Lady Before Týn

Another stunning building is the Golz-Kinsky Palace, built in rococo style. Now it is the seat of the National Gallery. It exhibits an important collection of Asian art. The basic entrance fee is 150 CZK (€6,00) if you want more information about admissions you can check here

Narodni Galerie in Kinsky Palace

Another attraction in this area is the House at the White Unicorn. This is a renaissance style house which contains exhibitions of Salvador Dalí, Alphonse Mucha, and Andy Warhol. The price for one exhibition is 170 CZK ( €6,64), but they have combined tickets as well. More information here

The Astronomical Clock show

But perhaps the most famous attraction is The Astronomical Clock and no wonder why. It is absolutely marvelous, it is part of the magic of Prague!. Every hour a hundred of tourists gather at its foot to watch the show.

The Astronomical Clock

The clock marks the hour, 2 little windows open, the 12 apostles are shown, a skeleton rings the bells and a rooster crows. There are other figures moving as well, a Turk, which represents the vice and pleasure, shakes his head; The vanity moving its mirror, and the Greed shaking his purse and waving his stick.

Wenceslas Square

Near the Old Town is located the Wenceslas Square, a historical square of the New Town. At the end of this rectangular, long square is located the National Museum.

Its name comes from the patron of Bohemia, Saint Wenceslas. in this area are concentrated many restaurants, hotels, and shops and it is a must visit due to its historical importance.

Second day: Charles Bridge and Mala Strana

Charles Bridge is on the Vltava River and connects the old town with Mala Strana (little side of the river or lesser quarter). They say this is the oldest bridge in Prague

There are 30 sculptures which decorate Charles Bridge. Those here located now are just replicas because the originals were transferred to the National Museum.

They were built around the year 1700 in a baroque style. The most famous must be the John of Nepomuk sculpture because it is said that if you touch it,  you will come back to Prague, and who doesn’t want to come back to Prague?

Charle’s Bridge

It was protected by 3 towers,  two of them located in Mala Strana. The third one is a stunning gothic style tower located in the Old Town. Since 1978 the bridge became accessible only for pedestrians as major repairs were finished.

Now you can find souvenir vendors, painters selling their creations and street artists who take advantage of the space and the public to perform their acts.

souvenirs and art in the Charle’s bridge
gothic Tower in Old Town side

Mala Strana

In Mala Strana, among the most famous tourist spots, you can find is the John Lennon Wall, which is a wall with all kind of Lennon inspired graffiti. This wall has become a symbol of revolution against the oppression as well as pro-peace ideas.

Also, you can visit the museum of the Czech writer Franz Kafka, if you are interested in his life and work. The museum is located near the Charles bridge, and near, on the shores of the Vltava river, there is an area where you can see and feed the swans.

Swans in Prague

Visiting the Castle on the third day

The Castle of Prague is located in Mala Strana. I recommend to program the visit in one day and go early because usually there is a big line to pass through security or go in the afternoon when the crowds are less.

Security is strict, so big bags are not allowed and the use of drones is also forbidden. The Castle is the official residence of the president of the Czech Republic.

Inside the Castle

The castle is not a single building, but a complex integrated with palaces and religious buildings. The admission to the complex is free but if you want to access to some of the attractions inside you must purchase a ticket.

There are different types of tickets according to what you want to visit, they are a bit complicated so I’ll let you the link to the official site so you can see the prices.

And if you skip the lines and you are interested in seeing the interior of buildings like the Cathedral and the Golden Lane, I recommend you to book some of these tours.

St. Vitus Cathedral

I have heard that the prices are a bit high for what they offer so we skipped entering the different exhibitions and we walked around instead.

You should not miss St. Vitus Cathedral, as it is an impressive neo-gothic church with golden accents. To visit the interior, though, you must purchase any of the tickets available.

St. Vitus Cathedral

Some of the historical buildings included among this complex are The Old Royal Palace, St. George Basilica, Mihulka (or powder tower) and the Golden Lane, which is actually not a building but a small street with medieval little houses that became shops. They say that even Franz Kafka lived in the golden lane for a year, in the house number 22.

The castle seems like a village itself and you can enjoy seeing the different styles of buildings, to walk the gardens and the aerial view of Prague. There were Easter market stalls, as well, selling souvenirs and snacks.

Market stalls in the Castle
View of Prague from the Castle

Petrin Tower

From here you can walk to the Petrin Tower, you will get there in about 25 minutes. This 63.5m tower resembles the Eiffel tower and it has become a tourist attraction.

You can climb to the top for 150 CZK (€6,00). On the ground floor there is a gift shop and in the basement a permanent exhibition of the Petrin Tower history.

In our third day, we also attended the opera in the Estates Theatre which is considered the theatre of Mozart. We went to see Le Nozze di Figaro (the weddings of Figaro) by Mozart and it was a spectacular night.

If you don’t want to attend the opera but you want to see this theatre inside, they offer guided tours. You can read about my night at the opera here.

Easter festival and shopping

On our fourth day, we decided to do some souvenirs shopping. We were lucky that the Easter market was available with all type of wonderful things. Nevertheless, we also checked in the many souvenir shops spread in the Old Town.

Easter markets

Among the souvenirs you can find, are beer mugs (like those you find in Germany and Austria), bohemian glass, wood marionettes (they are so pretty, I wanted one but I couldn’t afford it 🙁 ), wooden clocks and easter eggs.

You can also find the usual things as postcards, fridge magnets, bookmarks, etc. I must confess I bought some fridge magnets, they are made of wood and vintage looking, not plastic as somewhere else.

we also bought a wooden clock which I think are typical of Prague, they are handcrafted in Czechia. I checked in many souvenir shops and they were not less than 600 CZK (€24,00), I finally bought it in the street markets when they were about to close, as it was lot cheaper, about 400 CZK (€16,00).

In the market, I found chocolates in beautiful tins. We also bought some postcards of Mucha’s art nouveau in the gallery’s gift shop. Don’t buy matryoshka dolls as they are not Czech at all.

Saying goodbye to Prague with Easter festival.

Easter in Prague

Our bus was leaving at about 8 in the night so the rest of the afternoon and evening we spent it in the Old Town Square where the Easter festival was held. They presented a group of traditional Czech music.

First, there were some men playing and then some lovely ladies sang some folkloric songs as well. It was the perfect way to say goodbye to Prague.

Easter festival

If you are not a shopping person or prefer to make the most of your trip to the Czech Republic you can make a day trip to Český Krumlov. Although, I didn’t visit it myself because my original plan was to spend more than 4 days in Prague and to do some day trips.

unfortunately, I couldn’t get accommodation for one full week and I had to change my plans. But if you have the energy and intention you can visit this or other near cities in Czechia.

As I mentioned before I like to travel slowly and to enjoy the atmosphere of a city. Even 4 days in Prague are not enough to explore all its magical corners, but I hope now you have an idea of what to do in Prague in 4 days.

Of course, it is just a suggestion and you can add or omit things as you prefer. Take the time to walk, to see, to taste, to shop, and to experience a little of all this city has to offer.

Now tell me, what do you think about Prague? have you been here? what do you suggest for other people to do in Prague? maybe I missed something. Leave your comments below! ⇓

And If you liked this post, support me sharing on your favorite social media. Subscribe to the blog to get notifications about new posts.

Thanks for reading! Bon Voyage!

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  1. What a brilliant read. I’ve only been to Prague once a long time ago, this makes me want to return. Such a beautiful city and I’d forgotten all about the Astronomical Clock. Glad you had such a great trip!

  2. I’ve never been…but it’s certainly on my list! I bet Easter was such a fun time to visit as I imagine Christmas probably would be as well! I also love that you mentioned old town is the one place to visit if you only have one day. While we like to take our time, sometimes we only have a short amount of time in a city!

    1. yes!! you have to come, even if it’s for short time. It is indeed a magical city, and i am eager to come back for Christmas!

  3. Lovely photos! I absolutely LOVED Prague and your recap has made me want to go back! 🙂 I did an overnight in Cesky Krumlov and highly recommend it. Such a beautiful and unique little town.

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