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A very entertaining hobby if you love traveling is to collect things from your trips. These objects will always bring us memories of the wonderful moments that we spent in each place.

For sure, you already have a collection or some favorite objects. Or perhaps you’ve just started to travel and you want some ideas of what to collect from your trips. Well, these are some things that I collect or that I’d like to start collecting, since there’s still much to travel and see.

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What to collect from your trips.


A classic to collect from your trips are postcards. I love them and I feel that they never go out of fashion. I especially look for vintage or artsy postcards, although I don’t always find them and I end up buying the most typical ones. Find the style that best suits your preferences so you can start collecting. For example: landscapes, colorful ones, black and white, you decide!

Postcards are a classic option to collect from your trips


Something very typical of the trips that you can collect are the magnets for the fridge. You get them practically in any souvenir shop and some are really nice. As you know, I am inclined to those who have a retro style or who tell me something about the place where I bought them. The truth is that I don’t have many because I usually give them away, but from now on I will keep at least one of each site I visit.

Magnets are an option to collect from your trips
Magnets in my fridge


Pins or brooches for clothes are something I recently started collecting. Besides being practical, they are aesthetic and I find it original to put on our clothes from time to time. You can also get them in gift shops, although you have to seek to find the beautiful ones.

It might interest you Tips for buying travel souvenirs on the cheap.

collection of pins from my trips
Some of my pins


Keychains are the quintessential souvenir and you may already include them in your collection. I could not leave them off the list, but I don’t like them much, not even to give as a present. Although I have to say that from time to time I’ve come across some curious or original that are worth it. If you find one that suits your taste, why not?

You can collect keychains from your trips
Keychains Image by Efes Kitap in Pixabay


Other classic item for collectors travelers are local coins or bills. As I don’t have too much money I usually keep small denominations 😅 and I spend the bills. There aren’t many currencies in my collection, since most of my trips have been to the euro zone. I only have a few Croatian kunas, Czech crowns and Bosnian marks.

My collection of coins
Collection of coins


Bookmarks are a good option to collect from your trips if you like reading. I don’t have many because I don’t really collect them, but I do buy them when one suddenly catches my eye. They even sell postcards in the form of bookmarks that are ideal for small gifts.

I like to collect bookmarks in my trips


Other things I really like to buy are notebooks. Well, I used to buy cute notebooks even if I wasn’t traveling (now I make them myself). Still, when I’m traveling, if I see one I love, I don’t hesitate to buy it, especially in places where they make artisanal paper like in Florence.

I always travel with a notebook, and what better than buying one at your destination to use on your next trip? You can collect them of all sizes and have one for every occasion.

notebooks and stationary make good gifts and travel souvenirs
My Quill and notebooks

Brochures and tickets

Other objects that I started to collect by inertia are the brochures and tickets of each site I visited. Maps too, although these almost always end up very crumpled if I use them.

Brochures of museums and other touristic places

Museum tickets are usually nice and have different images each. Another thing you can keep are public transportation tickets. I got some tickets and cards for the subways and trains.

Tickets from the public transport and entrance tickets
Collection of tickets

Local newspapers

One thing that I’ve considered collecting from trips, but so far I haven’t done it (why haven’t I? 🤔) are the local newspapers. I love everything that is paper because then I make scrapbooks or journals.

Newspapers, besides being in the native language, will remind you of the events of those dates when you traveled. It might be an interesting option to buy a local newspaper or magazine from each destination.

Local newspapers that you can buy in your trips
Local newspapers Image by Ein Kaffee kostet mehr als € 0.55! in Pixabay


This object may be only for women, as I’m talking about scarves or shawls used as a complement of our outfit. In gift shops there are usually some printed with the name of the city or some related images.

I usually buy any scarf I like, even if it doesn’t have the name of the place because anyway I always remember where I bought it.

scarves that I bought in my trips
Some of my scarves

Other options to collect from your trips

The options are endless, it depends on the tastes you have. Other examples are books by a native author, t-shirts, local crafts, vintage cans (which I also like and are often found in gift stores). Another thing that I like to buy on every trip, although not in every destination are coffee mugs. I can only buy a pair for space reasons, but I’m a big fan of coffee and mugs/cups.

And I also like to buy decorated papers or napkins for my handmade notebooks and other craft. Although these are not for collection as I end up using them. In Italy and Spain I’ve gotten some very beautiful ones.

And you, what do you like to collect from your trips? Tell me about your favorite objects and treasures in the comments section.

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Finally, take care of yourself and don’t go out if you don’t need to. In these times, fortunately, it is possible to travel virtually. #stayhome

Bon voyage!

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