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Travel products. 12 practical and useful options.

Some days ago I was browsing online shops and I found some very ingenious and useful travel products. Then I decided to make this post to share them with you all.

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This post may contain affiliate links which means when you click on a link and then purchase any item on that site, there is no additional cost to you but I receive a small commission. I only recommend services and products that I personally use and like. Thank you for your support!

Practical travel products

Maybe some of you already know them, but maybe you are like me and are not aware of all the new travel products. There are at least 6 of these products that I will surely buy for my next trip. Let me know what you think.

This is the list:

Collapsible travel cup

I had seen or heard of the collapsible cups, but until I started traveling they didn’t seem attractive for me. Now, after my traveling experience, I think they can be indeed very useful.

Sometimes I travel by bus for long hours and it’s convenient to carry a cup to drink water, juice or to share with my partner. If you like camping, you travel with children or travel as a backpacker it’ll be even more useful for you in many ways. You can store it easily and it takes up little space.

I liked this one from Amazon, It’s made of silicone and it has a lid and a hook so you can attach it to your bag.

Portable cutlery set

And continuing with the practical utensils, I also found this portable cutlery set.

To save money on food we don’t use to eat often in restaurants. In fact, I mostly buy ingredients in the supermarket and cook or prepare a quick snack if we go out. Reusable and compact cutlery comes in handy in these cases.

I used to carry disposable cutlery but, you know, we have to be responsible travelers and protect the environment. This cutlery is practical when we are on the road and can be washed when we arrive at our destination.

Portable soap sheets

I carry an antibacterial gel all the time when I travel, but sometimes it is not enough to feel that we have clean hands. It may be that we have been in contact with something disgusting, or that there is no soap in public toilets.

I have once carried a soap in a soap case, but the truth is, it takes up a lot of space, after using it remains wet, or maybe we don’t use it that much. So it’s not very practical. That’s why these portable soap sheets caught my attention.

These packs contain 20 pieces each. If you need to wash your hands you take a sheet per wash and that’s it, without complications.

You may also like this other version with different smells to choose from.

Disposable toilet seat covers

Another of the travel products that suit us all is the toilet seat covers. They are disposable impermeable paper covers, ideal to use in public toilets. You know that when we travel we will have to use public toilets whether we want it or not.

And as we don’t know how hygienic these places are, it is convenient not to have direct contact with the toilet.

You can order these packs from Amazon, each containing 10 pieces for your trips.

It may interest you these 10 travel tips for your first trip to Europe.

Portable clothes hanger

This portable clothes hanger is another of the practical and convenient travel products. When I travel I don’t pack a lot of clothes because I usually wash in the apartments we rent. But it has happened to me that there is no place to hang clothes.

This rack can be hung in the bathroom or closet to allow clothes to dry. It is also good for camping, for the beach and for backpackers.

Another option is this elastic clothesline ideal for outdoors or when you have to hang much clothing.

Fabric suitcase cover

Look at these beautiful fabric protectors for suitcases. My poor suitcase has traveled many roads with rain and dust, that’s why I found these covers for suitcases useful. They can be removed and washed after each trip.

Besides, these designs I found in Aliexpress are very attractive to have an original suitcase.

Suitcase fabric cover.
Suitcase fabric cover. Aliexpress©

Luggage strap

One of the travel products that will surely go with me on my next trip is this strap for luggage.

I always want to put my handbag above my wheeled suitcase so I don’t have to carry it, but it ends up slipping! ? So this strap seems to be the answer to my problem.

With this belt, you can attach another bag to your suitcase so you can carry both together, yay! ? And the best is that it’s completely affordable.

Practical travel pillows

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always found it impractical to use those typical travel pillows. It’s not comfortable to carry them everywhere.

Once I had an inflatable, U-shaped pillow, and although to carry it is fine because you can inflate it on the plane or bus, I did not like it very much.

These versions of the travel pillow seemed interesting to me, and they are inflatable. For example, the Q-shaped pillow wraps around the neck leaving a vertical part where to place the arms to sleep.

Another convenient pillow is the one with an attached hood. The hood helps you cover your eyes from the light or so that no one sees our crossed eyes when we are sleeping ?. I also liked that it has a hook so that the pillow stays in place and does not slip from your neck.

Travel pillow
Aliexpress. Travel pillows

Waterproof pocket for mobile

Well, this travel product is not new, but some of us forget that they exist.

They are very useful to protect important things like our phone, wallet or passport. Either because we have a rainy climate or because we go to a destination with a beach or lagoon.

Do you already use this waterproof pouch or you don’t think is necessary?

Check out this version with adjustable straps and slightly bigger to carry more things with you.

Disposable waterproof poncho for emergencies

When we travel it is important to research the weather in our chosen destination. But we already know that the weather is unpredictable. Maybe they tell us that there is going to be a wonderful sun ☀ and at the last moment, we get a shower ?.

These emergency disposable waterproof ponchos are ideal for those occasions when we are not expecting to get rain.

In winter it’s convenient that our coat, besides protecting us from the cold, is waterproof. But if you travel at another time or destination where you don’t need to wear a coat, an emergency raincoat comes in handy.

Waterproof shoe protectors

Continuing with the waterproof travel products, here are these plastic covers to protect our shoes.

In places like Venice that often have the aqua alta event, protectors such as these are used since some points of the city get flooded.

If you wear waterproof shoes when traveling or raincoats, then this product may not be so interesting. But they are not bad for an emergency or when we visit more than one destination with different climates.

This pair that you can get on Amazon are reusable and non-slip. They can be used with rain or snow. There are many versions suitable for each person.

portable shoe cleaner

Last if you like to always look flawless and have shiny and polished shoes, take a look at this portable cleaner.

I don’t really care how my shoes look like when I travel unless I’m going to a fancy event. But my husband is a bit freaky with shoes. So he could use this cleaner that does not take up any space and is not as complicated as other shoe products.

Shoe cleaner
Shoe cleaner. Aliexpress©

Final thoughts on travel products

What do you think of these travel products? Don’t u think are super practical and useful for any type of traveler?

Some may be relevant to you and others not so much. If you are regular travelers and/or travel with children, you know that it is important to have products that ease travel and save us space.

I personally lean toward portable cups and cutlery, travel pillows and suitcase strap. They are the ones that I liked the most.

What innovative and useful products would you include in the list? Do you know any other travel products that you can recommend to me and to other readers? I await your comments.

If you liked the post, remember to share it or save it on Pinterest to read later. Hope to greet you all in the next post. Bon voyage!

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