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I had heard about the fame of the Alcazar de Segovia so we decided to visit Segovia during our trip to Spain. The city is very beautiful so we stayed one night. Keep reading if you want to know more about our adventure besides the main attractions to see in Segovia in 2 days.

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How to get to Segovia from Madrid

We arrived in Segovia from Madrid, taking a bus from the company La Sepulvedana at the Madrid Moncloa station. Before this bus used to leave from Principe Pío Station and in some webs I have seen this obsolete data. It’s not like that anymore. I inform you so you don’t have the same experience than me. I arrived at Principe Pío and then I had to take the tram to Moncloa.

The ticket cost €8,03 and the Segovia bus station is in the center. On La Sepulvedana site you can check the schedules and buy your tickets. There are frequent departures so we bought directly at the box office. The journey took more or less an hour.

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Top Attractions to see in Segovia Spain. What to see and do in 2 days. La Carte Vintage

For the short transfer time to Segovia, it’s also convenient to make the day trip from Madrid. If you want to get there a little faster you can take the train which takes only half an hour. Prices range between €13,00 and €25,00 depending on the departure day and time. You can take the train at the Madrid-Chamartin station.

The only downside is that the train station in Segovia is a little further away from the center. About 2 km. But if your hotel is nearby, it may be better for you. You can check schedules and rates in this link

My hotel was in the center so we arrived by bus and we walked there. The hotel where we stayed is Hotel Condes de Castilla and I highly recommend it. It’s located in an old building, with a medieval vibe, right in the center. In spite of being in the center, it was quiet and we rested well at night. The staff was very friendly, they kept our luggage after our check out so we could keep enjoying Segovia. And they also have a restaurant.

What to see in Segovia

Segovia is not a very big city but it has charm in every corner. Just walking its streets will be a delight for your senses. The main attractions that you have to see in Segovia are:

The Aqueduct

The Roman Aqueduct of Segovia dates from the 2nd century AD. They built it to bring water from the Sierra de Guadarrama to the city and the Alcazar. It’s located in the heart of the city so you’ll not have to go far to see it. In one of its sides is the Azoguejo Square and on the other side the Artilleria Square. In the highest part, it measures 28 meters and has more than 800 meters in length.

The Roman aqueduct is one of the main attractions to see in Segovia
Roman Aqueduct

The most famous part of the aqueduct has double arches due to the unevenness of the city’s surface. In the middle of the arches, there is a niche where there’s the sculpture of a virgin. There are those who say that she is the Virgin of the Fuencisla and others that she is the Virgin of the Head… who knows. The aqueduct, besides being impressive, is one of those attractions that you can see in Segovia for free.

image of the virgin in the Roman aqueduct, an attraction that you should see in Segovia
Virgin of the Aqueduct

The Alcazar

The Alcazar is with the aqueduct, the main attraction that you should see in Segovia. You must see it inside no matter what. On the outside it’s beautiful but if you enter you can also climb to the tower to enjoy the views. The first documents referring to the Alcazar date back to 1122. But they found granite like the one used in the aqueduct. They believe that there was a fortress in this place at Roman times.

The Alcazar is a must see in Segovia.
Alcazar of Segovia

With the passage of time, they have made many restorations and extensions. In the 15th century, it was the favorite residence of the monarchs, especially King Alfonso X of Castile. It has had other functions such as prison, artillery school, and military archive.

The Alcazar of Segovia is extremely beautiful, of the main attractions to see in Segovia
details of the Alcazar

In 1953 they created the patronage of the Alcazar so that it could be visited as a museum. Admission is €8,00 and with this ticket, you can climb to the Tower of John II and visit the Artillery Museum. In the Official Website of the Alcazar, you can check the schedules and other rates.

Climbing the Tower can be quite exhausting since there are 152 steps on a narrow spiral staircase. Despite the effort of climbing, it’s worth it for the views of the city and the castle itself.

Some of the rooms that you can see in your visit include the Throne Room, the Old Palace Room, and the Kings’ Room. The advantage is that you can buy your tickets at the box office as there are usually no long queues.


A must see in Segovia is the cathedral. The Cathedral of Segovia was built between the 16th and 18th centuries. They know it as the Lady of the Cathedrals because of its beauty and elegance. It has a Gothic style with some Renaissance elements. 

The Cathedral of Segovia is called the Lady of the Cathedrals because of its spectacular beauty, so you have to see it in Segovia.
Segovia’s Cathedral

It’s next to Plaza Mayor of Segovia, where by the way, there was a street market when we passed by. We didn’t stop to browse because we didn’t have much time since it was our second day in Segovia and we had to leave the city that day.

view of the beautiful Renaissance Gothic cathedral in Segovia Spain
another view of the cathedral

We didn’t see the cathedral inside, but on the outside it is beautiful. Admission cost €3,00. I’ll leave the link to the site of the Cathedral if you want to check the opening hours and other rates.

You can visit the cathedral inside during your visit to Segovia. Attractions to see in Segovia
Door of the cathedral

Medina del Campo Square and church of Saint Martin

You’ll probably get here on your walks through the Old City of Segovia. It is a gorgeous corner to take photos and admire the Renaissance architecture. Next, there’s the Church of Saint Martin, a church of the 12th century in Romanesque-Mudejar style.

the church of san martín is a church in Romanesque style that is worthy to see in Segovia
Church of Saint Martin

At the center of the square, there is a sculpture of John Bravo. He was the leader of the militias in Segovia in the War of the Communities of Castile. That is why this plaza is also known as the Juan Bravo Square. However, the locals call it the Mermaid’s Square due to two sculptures of mermaids. Although they look more like sphinxes than mermaids

Monument to Juan Bravo in Medina Del Campo Square in Segovia
Monument to Juan Bravo

Saint Andrew’s Gate and Walls of Segovia

Saint Andrew’s Gate is the most monumental of the gates of the Wall of Segovia. It has a square tower and a polygonal tower. You will see it on the road between the Alcazar and the bus station. It is also known as Gate of the Succor due to a small Virgin on the opposite side. It was also the access to the old Jewish Quarter.

Saint Andrew's Gate, part of the wall of Segovia, main attractions to see in Segovia
Saint Andrew’s Gate

Right here you can find a tourist information point about the Wall. Here you will receive information about the Wall and its various Gates. You can also buy a ticket for one euro to climb to the top of Saint Andrew’s Gate.

When I came to Segovia I had no information about this place or that you could climb the Gate. For the price, I regret that I missed it since it seems like an interesting visit. On this site more information about what they offer (scroll down the site to see the English version). If you want to know a little more about the walls, its gates and wicket gates you can take a look at this site.

By the way, on one side of the Aqueduct, there is part of the wall and the Consuelo Wicket Gate. If you climb to the top you can have some beautiful views of the city.

part of the wall of Segovia and Consuelo wicket gate from where you can see the city and the aqueduct
Consuelo wicket gate and wall

Other options to see in Segovia

No doubt, there are many attractions and interesting places to visit and see in Segovia. That’s why I think that 2 or 3 days are ideal to enjoy the city. Other suggestions to see if you have more time are:

Museum of Segovia in Casa del Sol

This museum is near the wall and tells the history of Segovia from the Paleolithic to our days. They display an archaeological collection of Roman and Visigoth remains, as well as several objects of fine arts. If I had known about it, I would have probably visited it, especially since the entrance fee is only €1,00. Check the opening hours here.

Antonio Machado’s House Museum

You can also visit the House-Museum of Antonio Machado if you are a fan of literature or admire this poet. This was the house inhabited by the poet from 1919 to 1932. They display some original furniture and objects belonging to Antonio Machado. There are photos and clippings from old newspapers as well. The entrance price is €2,00 and is closed on Tuesdays.

the museum house antonio machado is another site that you can see in Segovia
Machado House-Museum By Latemplanza

Educational Center of the Jewish Quarter of Segovia

This is the museum and information center of the presence of the Jews in Segovia. There’s information about the cemetery, the synagogue and the Jewish Quarter. Jews lived in Segovia from the 12th century until its expulsion by decree of the Catholic Monarchs in 1492. The price is very good, only €1,50

Admire Romanesque and Renaissance architecture.

Also, there are many churches and religious buildings that you can see outside or visit. For example the Monastery of San Antonio El Real, the Church of San Esteban, the Church of Millán among others.

Even if you don’t have time to visit museums or buildings inside, at least you can take pictures and see several important monuments. For example the Torreon de Lozoya and the House of the Peaks (Casa de Los Picos). El Torreón is an old house from the 15th century that you will see from the Medina del Campo Square. The House of the Peaks is located in the Old City so you cannot miss it. It is unmistakable since it has 617 granite peaks on its facade.

stroll through Segovia and admire the architecture like the house of the peaks
A street where you can see La Casa de Picos

Royal Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso

Also, a very popular place that you can visit if you have time is the Royal Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso. It’s one of the Spanish royal family’s residences. They started building the palace in 1721 by orders of King Philip V. It has a style which resembles the Palace of Versailles in France, and the gardens too.

the palace of La Granja de San Idelfonso is a short distance from segovia so it is an attractive option to see in segovia
Royal Palace de la Granja de San Idelfonso
It is only 13 km from Segovia and if you bring a car you can get there easily. You can also take the bus with the company La Sepulvedana. The entrance to visit the palace and the gardens is €9,00 euros. The only bad thing is that it’s not allowed to take pictures inside the palace. If you have enough time in Segovia, this is an attractive option.


Before saying goodbye, walk through the streets, stairs, and slopes of Segovia. It is a charming city where you can feel a medieval vibe both for its old buildings and restaurant’s decor. Look at the windows of (or do your shopping in) the stores on Calle Cervantes and Calle Juan Bravo. In the Old City, there are also several shops where you can buy your souvenirs.

touring the streets is a good way to find charming spots in Segovia
walk the streets of Segovia

Enjoy traditional dishes in some of the many restaurants that you find in the Azoguejo Square. In the Artillery Square, you will also find a McDonald’s if your thing is not the roast suckling pig. The truth is that I don’t eat meat so it is also another thing that I didn’t try in Segovia.

I hope you’ve enjoyed Segovia as much as I did and that my suggestions of what to see in Segovia are useful. I would like to know your thoughts, have you visited Segovia? What did you like best? or if you have not visited it yet, do you plan to come soon? Do you think you will like it? leave your comments in the box below.
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Top things to see in Segovia, Spain. Main attractions. La Carte Vintage
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