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Granada, besides being an attractive city, it’s also a place where is possible to find interesting souvenirs. Keep reading if you want to know what to buy as gifts or souvenirs, and where to do your shopping in Granada.

Where to do shopping in Granada

Granada is a city with variety, not only of things to do, but of shopping options.

There are several areas to do your shopping in Granada depending on what you are looking for.

City center

Where you should begin seeking is in the center. The city center is where you’ll find more shops and businesses selling fashion items and souvenirs.

Some times you'll find in winter in Granada are hats
hats and pashminas in Granada

Shops are mainly located on Reyes Católicos and Recogidas streets and the streets around them.

You can find Spanish chain fashion stores such as Zara, Stradivarius, Mango, Pull & Bear, and Bershka. There are also many other popular brands such as H&M, Sephora, Benetton, L’occitane, etc.

On the Acera del Darro street is a famous store in Spain called El Corte Inglés, where you can find all kind of stuff. From food to home products and fashion items.


Although the Albaizín is not a commercial area, yet you can find some shops, especially handicrafts and souvenirs. Besides, some local markets are regularly set up, such as the one in Plaza Larga.

This flea market is open every morning from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. It’s small so don’t expect to find much. There are mostly fruit, vegetable, and clothing stalls.

An open market is set every morning in Plaza Larga
Plaza Larga in Albayzin


And speaking of markets, besides that one in Plaza Larga, there are also others worth to mention. The problem is that these markets are not set every day. It might be once a month or some specific days.

The first weekend of each month they set up the handicrafts market called Mercadillo del agua. Local artisans offer their products in this market, located in San Nicolas viewpoint in the Albaicín.

art creations in the San Nicolas viewpoint
There’s also free art in San Nicolas

This and the Plaza Larga market are good options for travelers staying in the Albaicín or its surroundings. By the way, you can take a glance at this post about the best places to stay in Granada.

Other common markets to do shopping in Granada are the Chana market (located in the quarter of the same name), the Zaydín market and the Almánjayar market.

Shopping malls

Another option for shopping in Granada are the malls or shopping centers. The most central is the Neptuno mall. You can get there following Recogidas street (which after Arabial street it becomes Neptuno street).

inexpensive products in the Primark store
Primark products

In this shopping center, they also have a cinema and restaurants. However, I have read opinions that don’t have a lot of shops and is somewhat abandoned. I did not visit this mall during my stay in Granada so I cannot confirm if this is true.

Serallo Plaza is located south of the city but there are several direct buses to get there. On their official website (in Spanish), you can find directions on how to get there and the services it offers. It has cinemas, skating rink, and shops such as H&M, Mango, Springfield, Women’s Secret, Parfois, and Calzedonia.

Another remarkable shopping center that has been recently opened is Granaíta Commercial Park. This has been a fusion between the Kinepolis Park and the Alameda mall and it promises to be the largest in Granada.

The mall I visited

The one I did visit and recommend from my experience is the Nevada Shopping Mall. It’s a quite large plaza with many services, ideal for shopping in Granada.

Nevada shopping is one of the biggest malls in Granada
Nevada Shopping mall

It’s far from the city center but you can get there by bus, or using the Granada metro which has a stop right in this mall.

Granada metro with a stop in Nevada Shopping
Granada metro with a stop in Nevada Shopping

We went there particularly driven by the Primark store (a store with low prices and that we don’t have in Mexico). But there are many shops that you can visit. Some examples are Mercadona, Misako, Media Markt, Flying Tiger, Disney, Zara, Oysho and many more.

It also has famous fast food restaurants such as KFC, McDonald’s, Starbucks and Taco Bell. To top it off from here you can see the beautiful Sierra Nevada in the landscape.


Finally, we have supermarkets. I like to go snooping to the supermarkets when I travel and see the variety of products different from my country.

Orange juice machine in supermarkets in Granada
Orange juice machine in supermarket

In Granada, some you will find are Mercadona, Dia and Super Sol. The latter was my favorite, as it was also close to the apartment we rented. But I guess the most popular and with the best prices is Mercadona.

Another supermarket to do your shopping in Granada and that you can find in the Albaicín is the Covirán. Carrefour is a popular supermarket of French origin but … it’s a bit expensive in my opinion.

In Albayzin there are small supermarkets like Coviran
In Albayzin there are supermarkets like Coviran

For me the supermarkets are a must visit as we stay in apartments and prefer cooking to save on meals.

Even if you eat at restaurants, in supermarkets you can find different merchandise to take home as a souvenir. Often you will find edible products that they sell in souvenir shops but at lower prices.

check out this post for tips to buy souvenirs on the cheap.

Where to do souvenirs shopping in Granada.

If you want typical souvenirs of Granada the ideal areas for this are the center and the Albayzín.

In the center, there’s the Alcaicería or handicraft market which existed since the times of the Muslim Granada. It keeps its Arabic charm and many shops where you can find souvenirs and Arab style products.

In Alcaicería you'll find arab style souvenirs
Alcaiceria or handicrafts market

The Alcaicería is very close to the cathedral and in the surroundings, there are other shops where to buy attractive objects.

In Alcaiceria are many souvenirs option to buy in Granada
Shops in Alcaiceria

On Reyes Catolicos Street, near Plaza Nueva, there are several shops where to buy the typical Granada souvenir and other products. Now that I traveled in winter, there were many pashminas and hats of various styles

The Albaicín is another option in which to browse for gifts and souvenirs in Granada. This neighborhood is characterized by having a bohemian atmosphere which is reflected in its shops.

There are some handicraft and souvenir shops in Albayzin
Handicrafts shop in Albayzin

There are several craft shops and handmade souvenirs to take home something different. At the Mirador de San Nicolás, there are also artisans who offer inexpensive products such as handmade jewelry.

In Calderería Nueva street (behind Plaza Nueva) there are many souvenirs and Arab products shops. It’s worth taking a look. Besides, there are some tearooms where you can rest if you’re overwhelmed with shopping.

on Calderería Nueva Street you find many souvenirs shops
Souvenirs on Caldereria Nueva street

what to buy as a souvenir

Two of the most typical products of Granada are Fajalauza ceramics and marquetry.

The most traditional pottery in Granada is called Fajalauza. It’s known for its use of grayish blue and green colors. This art has been changing and innovating and now we can find Granada pottery in colorful designs.

The inlay, used in Granada marquetry, is the work in wood with inlays of other materials such as metals and bones. You will see that boxes and chess boards made with this technique predominate. You will recognize them by their geometric and floral patterns.

As you know, this city had a great Arab and Islamic influence, which is notable in its crafts and souvenirs. And if you like Moroccan products you will also find plenty of them.

For example, they sell leather bags and poufs, textiles, copper objects, jewelry, lanterns, etc

The fans are also a popular souvenir that you can find in the Andalusian cities. In the center, there are shops offering shawls if you want something typical Spanish.

Fans are a typical Spanish souvenir to buy in Granada
Fans are a typical Spanish souvenir

My souvenirs and shopping in Granada

One of my favorite souvenirs that you can buy in Granada are the lanterns. There are a variety of sizes, designs, and colors. I bought two in a store near the apartment where I stayed.

I also bought fridge magnets, argan oil, a pashmina. And I found some soaps in nice cans in a store on Calderería Nueva street for … 3 euros I think.

At the San Nicolás viewpoint, I bought a poster with the name in Arabic of my nephew for only 1 euro. Some people offer posters with Arabic calligraphy and also temporary henna tattoos. They can be unique souvenirs or a treat for yourselves.

Names and text in arab calligraphy are a unique souvenir
Arab calligraphy
henna tattoos and arab calligraphy in San Nicolas
henna tattoos in San Nicolas

My favorite shops

The store where I bought my lanterns is on Cuesta de Gomerez street and also offers other options such as ceramics, textiles, and boxes. The owner is a very kind and friendly man, it is worth taking a look. Besides, the store is on the way to the Alhambra, so you can stop by.

lanters are a nice option for a souvenir when doing shopping in Granada
lanters are a nice option to buy in Granada

A store that stands out in the center is Artesanías Medina as it has a wide variety of gifts and souvenirs. Here you will find the typical magnets, pens, mirrors, bags, cute notebooks. They have a shop on Reyes Católicos street and another one on Bib Rambla square.

And if you like retro things (I’m always on the hunt for them) check out the store Sugar. It’s near the cathedral…according to Google Maps, on Mesones street, a few steps from the Plaza de la Trinidad. They have lots of curiosities like cans, posters, cups, magnets, etc.

if you like retro stuff, check out the shop Sugar when doing shopping in Granada
Sugar, a shop in Granada

That’s all in this guide for shopping in Granada. I hope you find it useful for buying gifts that make you long for this beautiful city.

if you have any doubts or questions, you can leave them in the comments section. Your recommendations or tips for souvenir shopping in Granada are welcome as well.

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Until next post, bon voyage!

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