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Nothing like a souvenir to remember those sweet moments of our trip and share them with our loved ones. That’s why I give you some ideas of what to buy as souvenirs in Lisbon and where are the souvenir shops.

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What to buy as souvenirs in Lisbon

These are some of the most traditional souvenirs you can find in Lisbon.


Lisbon, and Portugal in general, is famous by its mosaic art. That is why it is not surprising that one of the most typical souvenirs that we can take home are items with tiles.

To not spend much and please everyone you can opt for fridge magnets. There’s a great variety with mosaics and other images of Lisbon. I made myself with a few for my family.

Besides there are many other products with tiles that you might like. For example chopping boards, trivets, trays, coasters, etc.

Fridge magnets and a trivet with tiles
Magnets and a trivet

Kitchen items

And speaking of kitchen items there are some shops selling a variety of these products. They are printed with portuguese designs such as roosters and tiles. Some of the objects you can find are tablecloths, aprons, towels and kitchen gloves, etc.

Kitchen and home items are an option for souvenirs in Lisbon
Kitchen and home items


Other attractive options to buy as souvenirs in Lisbon are ceramic plates and decorations. You can find from the simplest to the most ornamented and a variety of prices too. Although they are not exactly cheap souvenirs.

Souvenir shop in Lisbon
Ceramics and other souvenirs

Edible products

Edible products can not be missing in this list of Portuguese gifts. Some that you can buy as souvenirs in Lisbon are the famous sardines.

You can get them in gourmet stores where they also offer varieties of Portuguese wines, like Porto, but that belongs to another post. If you want to know what and where to buy in Porto click on the link.

There are some specialized stores that only sell sardines like O Mundo Fantastico do Sardinha Portuguesa. This is a very curious shop but with slightly high prices (about 7 euros per can), I don’t know if they are that worth it.

Sardines shop
Sardines shop
O mundo fantastico do sardinhas portuguesas shop in Lisbon
sardines in Lisbon

Ginja liquor

Another popular edible that you can buy as souvenir in Lisbon is the ginja liquor or ginjinha. This liquor is made with a fruit similar to cherry. Actually it comes traditionally from Óbidos, a beautiful medieval town that you can easily visit from Lisbon because it’s very near.

Although I do not drink alcohol I bought one to give away. They usually come with some chocolate cups to serve the liquor in them.

This picture is from a shop in Obidos, but you can easily get this liquor in Lisbon.

You can buy Ginja liquor as souvenir in Obidos
Ginja Liquor

Cork products

You will also find, practically everywhere, items made with cork. There are options for all budgets and tastes. They sell lady’s bags, purses, glasses cases, caps and everything you can imagine.

It’s possible to find cork products in many Portuguese cities. They are an affordable option to consider when shopping for souvenirs in Lisbon.

Retro Objects

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that I love everything with a retro vibe. In Lisbon there are some shops with old-fashioned things in their windows.

Retro products in a shop's window in Lisbon
Retro products

Even some shops have that look of having existed for many years so they invite to enter. Some decorative items like the Portuguese tram caught my attention. They are an ideal gift for collectors or for those who love curiosities.

Retro shop in Lisbon
Retro shop

Where to shop for souvenirs in Lisbon

In Lisbon there are some commercial spots within the large area that covers the center. These are some of the places where you can find souvenirs and gifts.

Around Rossio Square

One of the main areas where to shop for souvenirs in Lisbon is around Rossio Square (King Pedro IV Square).

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This is an area very frequented by locals and tourists so it is surrounded by commercial establishments. Here you will find that famous sardine store.

Around Rossio square are many places for shopping in Lisbon
Rossio square

Also here they regularly set up markets and celebrate other events. During my visit, there was a Christmas market with products such as chocolates, nuts, sweets, mulled wine and other christmas stuff.

Christmas market in Rossio square Lisbon
Christmas market

One block away from this square is Praça da Figueira, another place where markets and souvenir stands are set up. In the surroundings there are many shops to browse for your gifts.

Market in praça da figueira in Lisbon
Market in Praça da Figueira

Around Sao Jorge Castle

If you visit Sao Jorge castle, don’t forget to walk near by. Besides being in a picturesque neighborhood, there are several shops where to buy souvenirs in Lisbon.

You can find the most obvious souvenirs and gifts such as postcards, magnets, mugs, key chains, flags but also mosaics and ceramics.

Around sao Jorge castle is a good area to seek for souvenirs in Lisbon
Around Sao Jorge Castle

Rua Augusta

Rua Augusta is the street that leads to Praça do Comercio. And although it is not very frequent to find souvenirs here, it is an ideal street to do fashion shopping and to try some Portuguese cakes.

Rua Augusta is a commercial street in Lisbon
Rua Augusta

On the last occasion I was there, there was an event with many wine stands. Under the arches of Praça do Comercio there were also artisans selling products such as jewelry, woven fabrics and various objects. It is worth taking a look to see what you can find.

Handicraft products under the archs of Praça do Comercio
Handicrafts in Praça do Comercio


Chiado is a neighborhood that I like very much since I stayed near there on my last trip. It also has a more bohemian and local vibe.

In the streets around Luíz Camões Square there are several shops where it’s possible to find an original and unique souvenir. Get lost in this area.

Bookstore in Lisbon
Bookstore in Chiado

Near Baixa begins the commercial area with brand and fashion stores in case you get bored of hunting for souvenirs in Lisbon. Here is the Armazen do Chiado, a small shopping center where you can browse around.

Armazéns do Chiado, shopping center
Armazéns do Chiado, shopping center

Shopping centers

By the way, if you have time, check out some shopping centers if you are looking for something more “modern” or need a piece of clothing that you forgot to pack.

Products inside a shop in Lisbon
Products in a shop

There might be an interesting local store that may surprise us, so you should not ignore the shopping centers thinking that they are more of the same.

For example, I found a store that I liked a lot called A Loja do Gato Preto with household items in retro style ?. It was full of beautiful things for home decoration.

There were everything from furniture to coffee mugs and other curiosities that we can buy for ourselves ?. Unfortunately my budget was not enough to buy something here, but hey! Looking is free.

Colombo shopping center
Colombo shopping center

The shopping center I visited in Lisbon is Colombo, one of the largest and which was beautifully decorated for Christmas. You can arrive by subway getting off at the Colegio Militar/Luz stop.

Ending our shopping for souvenirs in Lisbon

By now you should be tired of shopping ?, but we’re almost done, don’t worry.

By the way, supermarkets are also an interesting options to look for gifts. There I bought canned sardines, that although are not gourmet, they are what the Portuguese people consume.

As I always tell you, you have to walk and visit shops that are not necessarily souvenirs shops to find that unique gift.

Commercial street in Lisbon
Street in Lisbon

I hope you’ve liked these recommendations to buy souvenirs in Lisbon. If you have any questions let me know in the comments. What would you suggest to buy in Lisbon?

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Until next post. Bon voyage!

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