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I always wanted to visit Prague, I knew in advance that it was a fascinating city, and it did not disappoint me. It has a special vibe, medieval and ancient. The architecture is impressive. You can breathe art and culture into every corner. Today I want to share some Prague curiosities, vintage moments, my corners and favorite things about my visit.

1. Ancient architecture

At first glance, you can see the ornate buildings, the beauty of their decorations and their colors. The buildings in Prague have a variety of styles, Gothic, Baroque, Rococo, and even modern buildings have that vintage touch that characterizes Prague. At each step, you have the feeling that you are in a city with a lot of history and ancient taste. the lamps, the shops’ doors, the signs, the painting, everything contributes to that feeling.

stunning architecture with artistic feeling in Prague
Beautiful buildings

2. The Easter market

There are Easter markets in every corner, in the Old Town Square, in the Castle and in every little street where they can be set. They sell everything from food to souvenirs, including the beautifully decorated Easter eggs. This season the stalls are decorated with spring motifs, ribbons, flowers, eggs, etc.

easter markets in every corner of Prague
Easter market

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3. the medieval crafts

In Prague, there are several crafts that recall the medieval times, such as the work of wood, the glass of Bohemia, and iron crafts. It was interesting to see how the blacksmiths mold iron with ancestral techniques. The work is arduous and slow. Several iron craftsmen who sell their products offer show schedule to watch them work live.

watching the show of blacksmiths is part of Prague curiosities
blacksmiths in Prague

4. charming corners

Every corner in Prague is unique. From the arches of the buildings in the Old Town Square, the river bank, the cobbled and hidden alleyways, its museums, restaurants, and shops. Surely you will have more than one favorite corner in Prague. And just getting lost in each of those corners, or relaxing with a coffee will make it difficult for you to leave Prague.

prague curiosities in every corner
Prague corners

5. The creativity of Prague

The dancing house, the hanging Freud sculptures, the John Lennon wall, the Art Nouveau, the Kafka museum fountain, restaurants with murals, curious signs. You will find ingenuity and creativity to satisfy your senses. There is no time to get bored in Prague, it is full of details that will give you vintage and unique moments.

Prague curiosities, moving figures in a box
You insert an euro and it moves

6. The trdelnik stalls

The Trdelnik is a cylindrical cake covered in sugar and cinnamon. It is made with flour dough rolled on a stick, turning it over hot coals until it’s cooked. In Prague, they are tremendously popular and can be filled with ice cream, yummy!. The stalls in the Easter market have a traditional look, as well as the clothing of those who prepare them. In this season the stalls are part of the Prague curiosities.

charming trdelnik stalls in Prague
Trdelnik stall

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7. The marionettes

Among the curiosities of Prague, puppets stand out. It is believed that this art was brought to the Czech Republic since the Baroque era, and little by little it became rooted in the local culture. Now it is part of the identity and expression of the Czechs. They are the most original souvenirs that can be bought. It attracts the attention that there are several dolls and puppets of witches. Some are really spooky. By the way, on April 30 they also have a celebration called the burning of witches. Part of that Prague’s mystical air.

Loving puppets are a tradition in Czechia
marionettes in a shop’s window

8. The medieval doors

One of the things that I love when I travel are those ancient and/or worn-out doors, and Prague has many. In the old buildings, in churches and palaces, even in shops and houses. They make me wonder, what secrets does Prague hide behind its medieval doors? what stories would they tell us if they could talk?

vintage. medieval doors in prague
ancient doors

9. Mozart’s theater

The Estates Theater, also known as the Mozart’s theater, has a particular atmosphere because it is the only theater on foot, in which Mozart presented his operas. It is a beautiful and small green theater outside which there is a sculpture dedicated to the composer. There are guided tours to visit the interior, but in my opinion, it is better to enter and experience a Mozart opera.

Estates theater, oldest theater in prague
Estates theater know as well as the Mozart’s theater

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10. The astronomical clock

I was not sure whether to mention the clock, I think it’s very obvious and everyone likes it or not? It’s really fascinating. Its mechanism, the figures with movement, the apostles greeting, and its 600 years old. The clock is, perhaps, the most attractive of the sights of Prague. It is hard not to halt to watch the show every hour if we are walking through the square.

The astronomical clock is the oldest of prague curiosities
Astronomical Clock

What do you think about my Prague curiosities? Have you been to Prague? What did you find interesting? if you have any comments, suggestions and/or questions write in the section below ⇓ See you next time!

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