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What to see in Campeche Mexico in a weekend

What to see in Campeche México in a weekend

Well, some weeks ago we embarked on a road trip to spend a weekend in Campeche, Mexico. If you do not have much time, these are suggestions on what to see in Campeche in a couple of days.

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Visit Quinta da Regaleira. Tips and what not to miss

Visit Quinta da Regaleira palace in Sintra

I finally could visit Quinta da Regaleira palace which I had pending in Sintra. And believe me, it was totally worth it. On my most recent trip to Sintra, this was the first palace we visited so that we don’t run out of time and have to put it on the waiting list again. I tell you about my experience as well as some tips in case you are planning to visit Quinta da Regaleira.

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