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Honestly, Portugal was not on my bucket list of countries to visit, it had never caught my attention. Yet, when I visited it, I was pleasantly surprised by how beautiful it is and all the attractions it has. So I wanted to share some reasons to visit Portugal.

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Fortunately there isn’t mass tourism (yet), or at least, when I traveled there in winter, there weren’t as many visitors as in other European countries. And this would be one more reason to travel to this country, although it’s not included in the list.

Well, I share with you this top 10 reasons to visit Portugal or my favorite things of my trip.

1. Art in Mosaics

I am a great art lover, as you may already know, so seeing mosaic art everywhere is very delightful.

No other country has so many buildings with tiled walls and some are true artworks. In almost every Portuguese city you will see examples of this technique.

Visit the interior of churches and other ancient monuments. They often surprise for their beautiful mosaic decoration.

Sao Bento's mosaic detail
Sao Bento’s mosaic detail

2. Old Trams

Another reason to visit Portugal is the presence of the outstanding old trams, especially in its capital, Lisbon.

They are charming especially because they are a public transport still in use and make you feel in another era. Trams, as well as mosaics, are hallmarks of Portugal and you won’t see them anywhere else in the world.

Old trams are one of my favorite reasons to visit Portugal
Old trams in Lisbon

3. Weather and nature

Another thing that I loved about Portugal is its climate and natural landscapes. It’s much milder than the rest of Europe and nature has a special tone.

For example, the forests of some towns like Coimbra and Sintra seem to come out of a fairy tale. Sintra has its own microclimate and a mist usually forms around its highest palaces

You’ll see that the old stones and monuments are usually covered with moss which gives a particular charm to the buildings.

4. Castles and palaces

And speaking of monuments, another reason to visit Portugal is its various palaces, castles and old mansions.

I am a fan of castles and palaces, especially the medieval or very old ones. In Portugal there are several of these sites that deserve to be visited, or at least seen from the outside.

My favorite palaces in Portugal were Palacio da Pena and Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra, as well as the Guimaraes castle. Obidos castle is also very attractive because it’s part of the wall surrounding the town. Some can be visited and others not, but they complement the landscape

5. Eclectic architecture

And what makes some of these palaces special is their eclectic architecture. Also, the Manueline style has its charm and appeal. There are many examples of this architecture style in Portugal, which is not seen in other countries.

In the city of Sintra, my favorite in Portugal, you can see many monuments with a peculiar, mixed architecture. The Porto Cathedral is also a good example of a mix of styles that combine very well.

The beautiful architecture is one of the reasons to visit Portugal
Building in Sintra

6. Old shops

There are also many shops with a quite traditional look that give a vintage feeling to Portuguese cities. Some are old and others sell old items, anyway, you’ll see a lot of attractive shop windows that invite to browse inside these establishments.

vintage shops in Lisbon
Retro shops

7. Retro vibes

And with the historical monuments, its captivating architecture, its curious shops and its peculiar trams, Portugal has a retro vibe that I love. Walking the streets you will feel that you are transported to another era, and this, for me, is a good reason to visit this country.

One of my favorite things in Portugal is its retro vibes

8. Pasteis de nata

Another reason to visit Portugal if you have a sweet tooth, is… pasteis de nata! A delicious pastry cake that has no comparison.

In Portugal, you get them in almost any bakery, although of course, there are some which have them more tasty. A famous bakery is one located in Belem, Lisbon, whose pastries, they say, are famous. The truth is that I didn’t have a chance to try them, but every cake I ate in Portugal was not to be sniffed at. I would return to Portugal just to eat these cakes again.

don't leave Lisbon without trying the pasteis de nata
pasteis de nata

9. Transport system

Another thing that I liked about Portugal was the transportation to travel from one city to another. The train covers all major cities, is inexpensive and easy to use, ideal for day trips.

One of the reasons to visit Portugal is its good train system
Sao Bento station

The Rede Expressos bus company also has frequent departures to various destinations. It’s as cheap as trains, so moving between cities in Portugal is quite simple and fast.

train station in Lisbon
Train Station in Lisbon

10. Affordable

And speaking about inexpensive things, Portugal is an affordable country for travelers who cannot (or don’t want to) spend a lot of money. Well… especially compared to very popular countries like France, Germany or Italy.

Transportation is cheap and it’s not difficult to find inexpensive accommodation either. For food there are options for all budgets, but the best thing is to buy what you need to prepare a snack in a Pingo Doce supermarket or any other.

restaurant in Obidos
Restaurant in Obidos

Which would be your reasons to visit Portugal?

For all these reasons is that I’ve got a good impression of Portugal and I recommend visiting there. And I say it not having visited the beaches or sea destinations, I imagine they must be amazing

Have you already visited Portugal? What would be your reasons to visit it or favorite things about this fascinating country? I expect your impressions and stories in the comments section.

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Finally, take care in these moments of emergency that we are experiencing. Stay home and travel virtually. Bon voyage!

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