Tips for buying travel souvenirs on the cheap

Tips to buy your travel souvenirs without spending a fortune

Some gurus advise not to buy travel souvenirs in order to lower your expenses and travel light. It’s a good advice, but it’s not something that I can apply, and I imagine that the same thing happens to many of you. We’ll probably not come back to the country we visited, and we want to have something that reminds us of that wonderful experience. (more…)

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Hotel, hostel or apartment? A complete accommodation guide

hotel, hostel or apartment? Accommodation guide

Have you ever wondered what type of accommodation is best for you when you travel? Well, here I bring you a guide comparing hotels, hostels, and apartments. Besides, I mention the advantages and disadvantages of each, so you can decide which to book the next time you go on a trip.

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10 travel tips for your first trip to Europe

Travel tips for your first trip to Europe

The first time I traveled to Europe, there were some incidents that I wish I could have avoided. I had no experience traveling abroad. And although traveling is like that, we cannot always plan every detail, we can take some measures to avoid unpleasant situations. Here I give you some travel tips to plan your first trip to Europe. (more…)

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