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About me

sarajevoHello everyone, my name is Zoi and I love to travel. Since I was little, I was interested in history, geography and cultural diversity. I felt especially attracted to Europe, its castles, its stories and its landscapes, and it was always my dream to travel there. Finally my dream became true and I want to share my impressions, experiences and above all, some tips to make your own dreams of traveling to come true.

I am not a backpacker but I do travel with a low budget. Normally, I don’t travel alone either. When i travel I like to know the history, culture and especially the art of the places I visit. I am attracted to everything retro, vintage and handmade curiosities because I am a fan of crafts, scrapbook and ethnic stuffs. I collect postcards and pins of the places I travel to. In this site you will find some ideas about what to buy as souvenirs, art and craft shops, and vintage corners.

I believe that traveling, besides of expanding the mind, it allows us to break with the stereotypes because it makes possible to observe the reality of other countries, cultures and people; we realize that they have the same elements than us, that we are not so different, and that the diversity doesn’t represent a barrier, but enrich the world we live in, it gives some color. I believe in the power of dreams, and that it’s not necessary to be a millionaire to get to know, at least, a little piece of the world.

I hope you like my site, my stories and my style of traveling. If you have any questions you can leave your comments below, contact me through the social media or send me an email. I would like to hear soon about you.