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Mostar is one of the most iconic cities in Bosnia & Herzegovina and in the whole Balkans area. It might be because it is tremendously photogenic, or because of its fascinating, and sometimes tragic, history. We decide to do a day trip to Mostar from Sarajevo.

a day trip to Mostar from Sarajevo la carte vintage

Arriving at Mostar by bus

We took the bus from Sarajevo to Mostar. They say, once there was a train on a scenic trip, but not anymore. Nevertheless, the trip was scenic enough. Check out for bus schedules here.

There were mountains and a river that seemed to follow us all the way. I got one of those moments when the beauty almost makes me cry. We paid about €8,00 euro (17 KM) per ticket and the ride took 3 hours.

The Neretva river is visible since the first moment. The beauty of the landscape contrast with the many destroyed and bullet-holed buildings of this beautiful city.

Stari most Mostar bridge
A view of the Stari Most

The Stari Most

The bus station is not so far from the center, about 1.5 Km or 20 mins. walking.

Soon we reached the Stari Most or old bridge. This bridge was originally built in stone in 1566 on orders of Suleiman The magnificent, Sultan of the Ottoman empire in those times.

It was destroyed in the war of the 90s and rebuilt in a project that lasted from 1999 to 2004 when the Stari Most Agency was also created in order to preserve and promote the bridge. It belongs now to the UNESCO world heritage sites.

a day trip to mostar, view of the restaurants from the bridge
Restaurants in Mostar

Be careful, though, when you cross this bridge, as the floor is made with very slippery tiles. And talking about dangers, there are some guys here who don’t mind the height of 24 meters of this bridge. They dive into the river in exchange for some coins collected among the public.

Old Town

The old town is super cute, and you can find many souvenirs in an ottoman style. Just to walk up and down that little street, to see the different colorful gifts, is enjoyable enough.

You can buy scarves, turkish jewelry, textiles and they have copper too. I only bought postcards as I realized I could find most of the products they sell here in Sarajevo and, in my opinion, a little cheaper.

If you haven’t read about my trip to Sarajevo, you can do it here

We went to have a Bosnian coffee and baklava in a coffee-ice cream shop called Lasta. It was located just next to the bridge in the main cobbled street.

The baklava was nice but I thought the price was a little high, I guess because of the touristic location. We sat outside to watch the people passing by and from there we could watch an old man working with copper.

There are some mosques you can visit, like the Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque. You can enter for free but if you want to climb to the minaret you have to pay 12 KM (€6,00). I have heard the views are worth it but, I think is much money just to have a view, so we passed. They offer also some souvenirs for sale.

Neretva river, Mostar Bosnia Herzegovina
Neretva river, a view from the Stari Most

Ethnic divisions

Almost half of the population in Mostar are Bosniak or Bosnian Muslims, a small percentage are Serbs (Christian orthodox) and half the population is Bosnian Croat or Catholic. The politics, education, and culture in Bosnia are divided into these groups.

Each group has a representative in the government. So despite having an agreement of peace, the ethnicity divisions of all areas, together with the memories of the war, make of this a fragile peace. Or these are my impressions

neretva river, view from the stari most, mostar bosnia herzegovina
Neretva river

Is it worth it to do a day trip to Mostar?

We couldn’t do much because of the little time we had but definitely is a must to visit this city. Some people do a day trip to Mostar from Dubrovnik, Croatia. A bus ride takes about 3.5 hours. And many companies also offer tours.

Despite the 3 hours bus ride, it’s worth to come. And as I mentioned before the landscape will keep you entertained all the way. Mostar is also a small town that you will see in 3 or 4 hours. If you are in the area come! you won’t regret

if you don’t want to plan the trip yourself, you can also choose some of the tours available from Sarajevo, Dubrovnik or other near cities.

What do you think about Mostar? Have you been here before? leave your comments below, I will be happy to read you!

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