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There are many possible day trips from Granada. We did one to Cordoba and next, we decided to do a day trip to Baeza. We didn’t know what to expect because we didn’t research too much. In this post, I tell you a little about our experience so that you have an idea of what to see.

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It took more or less 2 hours to arrive. At the Alsa site, you can check and buy your tickets. Prices start from €8.30 euros depending on the day and time. The bus station in Baeza is near the center. You’ll just have to walk 10 minutes to get there.

If you prefer to stay in Baeza at least one night, take a look at these accommodation options.

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Tourist Office in the Plaza del Pópulo

As we only made a day trip to Baeza, the first thing we did was to get a map at the tourist office. The office is in a building at the Lions Square (Plaza de Los Leones) or Plaza del Pópulo. Here you will see the Lions Fountain and a tourist train. The building in which the office is located dates back to 1511. It is known as Casa del Pópulo due to a painting of the Virgin del Pópulo which used to be on a small balcony of the building.

In the same square, you will see two arches known as the Puerta de Jaen and Arco del Villalar. The Gate of Jaen is a reconstruction of the old gate that they demolished in 1476. They added the imperial shield to celebrate the return of King Charles V after his wedding trip. They built the Arch of Villalar in 1521 to commemorate the Battle of Villalar.

Cathedral of Baeza

A few streets further back is the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin of Baeza. They built it on the site of a mosque from which the lower body of the tower survives. They consecrated it as a Christian temple towards the year 1227. Most of the Renaissance building we can see today was completed in 1593.

the cathedral of baeza is a top attraction to visit on a day trip to Baeza
cathedral of Baeza

I couldn’t see it inside because it was closed, but if you have the chance, don’t miss it. In fact, almost everything was closed during our day trip to Baeza. Maybe because we arrived more or less at noon, and in the afternoon many establishments close. It looked like a ghost town. There were only a few local people in the streets. I never saw the tourist train working either.

View of the cathedral of Baeza from far
View of the Cathedral

The Cathedral is in Plaza Santa María where there is a fountain of the same name. Around this square are the so-called Casas Consistoriales Altas. These were the seat of the city council of Baeza.It’s due to all its Renaissance buildings that Baeza was declared a World Heritage Site.

International University of Andalusia

The International University of Andalusia Antonio Machado sits in two buildings. These are The Palace of Jabalquinto and the Old Council Seminary

Palace of Jabalquinto

This is a beautiful building that you should not miss if you do a day trip to Baeza. It has Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque elements. Its construction began in the second half of the 15th century. The owner then was the Lord of Jabalquinto Don Juan Alfonso de Benavides Manrique. It gave it to San Felipe Neri Seminary in 1720. Finally, in 1994 the Diocese of Jaen gave it to the university institution.

Palace of Jabalquinto is an amazing building to see on a day trip to Baeza
Palace of Jabalquinto by Zarateman [CC0], de Wikimedia Commons

Felipe Neri Old Seminary

You will see this building from the Santa Maria Square. It was founded in 1660 by Bishop Fernando de Andrade y Castro. In 1720 they adjoined it to the Jabalquinto Palace. In 1990 they remodeled it to turn it into the campus of the university. On the outside, the facade is sober, without many decorative elements.

The old seminar, now university, is an interesting visit on a day trip to Baeza
Felipe Nery Old Seminar

Other options to see on a day trip to Baeza

We spent our time walking the streets and admiring the city’s beautiful architecture. But if you have more time there are other places to see on your day trip to Baeza.

Old University of Baeza

The building is from the late sixteenth century. The poet Antonio Machado taught in its classrooms. It was during his stay in this city that he met the young poet from Granada Federico García Lorca. The University worked for more than three centuries until its dissolution in 1824. Admission is free, more information on this link.

Museum of Baeza

In this museum, they gather the history of Baeza through various archaeological artifacts. Objects such as vases, sculptures, and paintings tell its story from prehistory to modernity. It is located inside the Atarazanas building. The admission ticket costs 2 euros and you can check the schedules here.

Tower and Gate of Ubeda

You’ll probably even see the Tower and the Gate of Ubeda without intention as they are very near to the old town. These are some of the parts of the old wall that are still standing. They began building the first walls around the year 886 under Muslim rule in the region.

There was also an Alcazar that was completely demolished under the orders of the Catholic Monarchs at the end of the 15th century. The ruins of this Alcazar are visible but you can not enter the grounds as there is a metal fence to avoid it.

Besides there are several churches of Renaissance style that you can see on the outside only, or if you are lucky, also inside.

El Salvador Church in Baeza, Spain
El Salvador Church

Returning to Granada

It was the end of our day trip to Baeza and we returned to the station to take the bus back to Granada.

I didn’t expect to find much in this city and yet I can say that it has a lot of history. Also, you can enjoy its beautiful architecture. It is small so to do a day trip to Baeza is enough to see the most important things.

If you like Baeza, you can visit Ubeda, a nearby city also declared a World Heritage Site. If you are staying in Granada, you can easily make the day trip. We only had the chance to visit one this time and we chose Baeza.

If you have visited Baeza or would like to visit, tell me in the comments ⇓, I would love to read about your adventures. And if you liked this post, share it with your friends on your favorite social media sites. Bon Voyage!

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A day trip to Baeza, a Renaissance city. What to see and do in one day. La Carte Vintage

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