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I love to travel, and there are few people who don’t like it. But we must accept, that like everything in life, things are not always perfect. So today I present 10 bad things about traveling, or rather the things or situations that I don’t like so much.

Traveling is such an enriching experience that it’s worthy to face any unpleasant situation. So I’m not complaining (although it’s a bit liberating to be able to express myself), I only want to show you the reality. Maybe for you, these points are not bad at all, or you have your own complaints, I don’t know (tell me in the comments). So no more blah blah blah let’s start with the list of 10 bad things about traveling.

1. Passport check

One of the things I like least is the passport check. Why? because they are uncomfortable, they take time and in some cases are even scary. The first time I traveled to Europe I was a bit nervous when thinking about passport check. I had heard several almost horror stories of the immigration controls of some airports.

A friend of mine told me she was deported when she arrived in the UK because she didn’t fulfill the conditions to enter. I made sure I had all my papers with me. I printed my bookings, my insurance, my return flight, everything, but I was still nervous. Thank God everything was fine and they stamped my passport after a brief interview.

One of the things are uncomfort is the border control
Border Control

The other times I entered Europe it was much quicker and easier and I was not nervous anymore. Inside the European Union, there is less control to cross to another country, but there is. When I traveled to Sarajevo from Vienna, I had to cross at least two borders. They made us get off the bus to present our passports. Sometimes the agents get on the bus (which I appreciate especially when outside is cold) and they take the passports to check. That may delay the trip a bit. It’s one of the things I don’t like about traveling by bus.

By the way, you can check here the Pros and cons of traveling around Europe by bus.

2. Long haul flights (and waiting times)

Actually, it’s not the flight itself that bothers me, but the time that we have to wait. To begin you have to arrive 3 hours ahead at the airport for long flights. Besides when you arrive at your destination you still have to make the line to go through the passport controls. And then wait for your suitcase to appear to pick it up.

The least amount of time that I have taken on a flight from Mexico to Europe is 10 hours, sometimes a little more. If you can sleep, you are lucky but if not, it’s 10 hours seeking how to entertain yourself. Yes, it’s true that you can read, watch movies, talk to your seatmate, eat, but still, 10 hours? When the plane lands, I no longer feel my legs.

One of the bad things about traveling is the waiting time at the airports
I don’t like waiting at the airports
Once my flight got delayed more than 6 hours! It was a nightmare. To top it off I had traveled to that city by bus for 5 hours to take my flight. Plus 11 hours flight, It took me more than 20 hours to reach my destination. Imagine, I arrived worn out. Flights delay is one of the bad things about traveling. To lose your suitcase must be a terrible thing too. It has never happened to me and I hope it NEVER happens (fingers crossed)

3. Jetlag

I know there are several tips circulating on the network about how to beat jetlag. And although these tips help, it is undeniable that at least the first days your body clock will be confused. When you must sleep, you are wide awake and when you must be awake you are very sleepy. Especially if you travel to another continent where there are many hours of difference

Besides, the digestive system, which is also ruled by the body clock, gets upset, doesn’t it? But hey, it’s a small price to pay to visit the other side of the world. My only advice is that since you get on the plane change the time of your watches. And prepare yourself psychologically to get used to the new time faster.

4. Drowsiness and fatigue

Drowsiness and tiredness are those bad things about traveling that go hand in hand with jetlag. They are also the result of traveling hours, waiting times and walking. I already mentioned when my flight was delayed and I had to wait more than 20 hours before I could take rest and a shower.

Many times I arrived very early at my destination, 5 or 6 in the morning, so was not possible to check-in at the hotel. The truth is that I don’t find comfort to sleep on trains or buses, so I usually don’t sleep well if I travel at night. However, sometimes it’s worth taking the night transportation to save one night’s accommodation.

Once we arrived at 5 a.m. to Lisbon, there was no public transport running (more than taxis) and we could not check-in in the hotel yet. We had to wait at the station for it to be a reasonable hour to go to the hotel. It was very cold and I was so sleepy that all I wanted was a warm bed. Other times while traveling by bus or train I wanted to see the landscapes through the window, but I was too sleepy to keep my eyes open.

5. Where is the W.C.?

One of the bad things about traveling and what has made me suffer the most, especially on my first trip, is … when I need to use the W.C. For men is easier (or almost) but for the little ladies like me, it’s a big problem.

a problem we face when traveling is the need of a toilet
public toilet signal

Imagine you are in an unknown city, where you usually spend all day outside, walking, drinking lots of water, and you urgently need to use the toilet? Sometimes you can’t speak the language, the locals don’t understand you, it’s awful.

Anyway… one tip is to use the W.C. every time you find one, even if you don’t feel like it. Check out in museums and malls for clean toilets. Thankfully (blessed technology!), there are already apps to find public restrooms too. On this link some recommended apps.

In this post, I give you more tips for your first trip to Europe 10 travel tips for your first trip to Europe

6. Tourist traps

A good traveler learns to identify and avoid these tourist traps (I am not at that level yet). But it’s still annoying that they want to charge us the double or more only because we are tourists. I mean, not all of us have a thick wallet, some make a lot of sacrifices to be able to travel.

But hey, you know, avoid eating and buying souvenirs in very touristy or central areas. Find out where the locals eat and buy their stuff to go to those places. It’s the best way to avoid tourist traps

7. Scams

It sounds a bit like tourist traps, but scams are a bit more … aggressive? I don’t know how to define them. In some crowded places, there are groups of people waiting to play their tricks on unwary tourists. Sometimes they offer to take you a photo or read your hand and then want to charge for that. I confess that I have fallen into some scams, but nothing to regret thank God.

On this link Travel scams, my experience in Europe you can read about the most common travel scams, some tips to avoid them and my experience in Europe.

One of the bad things about traveling are the scams

I’ve heard of very strong scams like people who pass themselves off as inspectors on trains to intimidate you and ask for money. Or some that distract you and steal your purse. in short, situations that you have to take into account when traveling. Always be aware of spaces with lots of people. Be cautious when strangers approach you.

8. The crowds

And then another of the bad things about traveling or that can be annoying is the crowds. It depends on the city or places you visit if it’s very popular you will see hordes and hordes of tourists. Sometimes you’ll see long lines to visit some attraction, or you can’t have a good view or take good photos.

Taking a picture of the Mona Lisa in the Louvre was an impossible mission. And the only one I took it did not even turn out well. To enter to see the David in Florence I had to wait 2 hours in the queue (book my friends). And to see the Prague clock show, I almost had to climb on someone’s shoulders.

another of the bad things about traveling are the crowds, especially in touristic places
impossible mission to have a photo at the Louvre

Still, better to get used because, even when is not high season, cities like Florence, Venice or Paris are always packed with tourists. Lately, more and more people want to travel, we can’t blame them, right? After all, we are all in the same boat.

9. Getting ill

Although getting sick is not exclusive of traveling, it can be even more annoying on a trip. Also, because of changes in weather, food, environment, etc., we get sick easier. The most common diseases are colds and stomach upset. Besides these common ailments, I have suffered from dizziness and blisters on my feet.

Here it’s important to prevent and carry a kit with basic medicines. Or if we already have some condition then pack the specific medication for it.

getting ill is one of the bad things about traveling so pack basic medicines
pack medicines

10. The weather

Like diseases, the weather can be annoying not only when we travel. But when we spend almost all the time outside it can bother us more. Especially the rain. If you have planned a picnic or day in nature, you may have to change plans. But if not, a good umbrella will suffice most of the time. When there is rain or snow it is a good idea to visit the museums or some other indoor activity.

rainy day in piazza della Republica florence
Piazza della Republica

Also, the excessive heat can be exhausting in some cases. Bringing the right clothes, drink lots of water and not exposing yourself to the sun if it is not necessary, can cushion this annoyance. Usually, I don’t travel in summer, but once it was really warm on an autumn day in the south of Spain. And the truth is that it spoilt my day.

As there is nothing we can do against Mother Nature it’s better to be cautious and track the weather to plan our activities.

Overcoming the bad things about traveling

And this was my list of what for me are the bad things about traveling. As you can see, it’s nothing that can’t be prevented or overcome. We must take measures so that they don’t affect us in our trip or affect us as little as possible.

Some situations can be annoying, yet, they are not enough reasons to stop traveling. They are the price to pay to enjoy another culture, food and different landscapes. If you have not dared to make your first trip abroad, don’t be afraid and don’t worry. I assure you that all these experiences will become part of your travel stories.

And if you tend to travel frequently, tell us in the comments, what are the things you don’t like about traveling? Have you had any annoying experience? or on the contrary, everything has been rosy for you. I will love reading your adventures.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, if so, help me grow by sharing it on your social media sites. You can also subscribe to receive notifications of new posts.Thank you and bon voyage!

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  1. So true on some of these travel experiences I’m a homebody and sometines doing long and foreign travels can be intimidating!

  2. I hate traveling as well. The first time I flew on an air plain (a few years ago) I threw up and hated every minutes of it. I always dread flying most but I love the destinations and it always makes it worth it! Thanks for sharing this!!

  3. Oh it’s the jet lag and fatigue that kill me 🙁 Plus I hate the airport security checks, they have become even more annoying lately. Great post 🙂

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