A day trip to Sintra from Lisbon. What to see in one day


Although I spent very little time in Lisbon (I definitely must pay it another visit) I had the chance to do a day trip to Sintra. And what a wonderful town! It’s a dream place, like a fairy tale. Continue reading if you want to visit it with me.

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Is Venice dirty? + what to do 3 days in Venice

Venice Grand Canal

After hearing several opinions that Venice is dirty, that it stinks, or that it is disappointing, etc, I doubted it a bit before visiting it. My original plan was to make a quick one day visit. However, my hostess in Florence (and her Argentine friend) told me “Venice in one day? No, no!” And then I decided to extend the stay to 2 days that ended up being 3. Keep reading if you want to know what you can do 3 days in Venice.

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