10 places to visit in Granada, Spain. A mini guide

alhambra in granada_lacartevintage

Granada is a city in Andalusia with a history rich in diversity. It was the Taifa of Granada in the 11th century and the capital of the Nazrid Kingdom between the 13th and 15th centuries. After the Catholic monarchs reconquered the city, it became the Kingdom of Granada. In this city, there is something for everyone’s taste: Muslim palaces, Catholic churches, museums, and old houses. In this article, I present 10 places you can visit in Granada.

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A medieval city: A day trip to Siena from Florence

un día en Siena

Siena is a beautiful medieval city that has had a historical rivalry with Florence. Although it’s eclipsed by the fame and beauty of its neighbor, Siena is beautiful and interesting as well. You can breathe that ancient air while exploring its steep streets. I hope to return in the future because this time we could only make a quick visit to Siena from Florence. Meanwhile, I bring you some ideas of what to do one day in Siena.

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