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There are some preconceived ideas or myths about traveling to Europe that we have all had at some time. And although different factors help to perpetuate these ideas, the reality is very different. These are the most common myths about traveling to Europe.

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Myths about traveling to Europe

You need to be rich to travel to Europe

We have the idea that Europe is expensive, and although it’s not cheap you don’t have to be a millionaire to go. There are countries and cities more expensive than others, but there are always ways to save money when traveling. The most expensive is usually the flight. But once in Europe, we can find affordable transport, food, and accommodation.

There are many people who have managed, not only to travel to Europe but to travel the world on a budget. So to say that you have to be rich is one of the myths about traveling to Europe that you can no longer use as an excuse

If you want to save money on your first big trip to Europe, check out these 16 tips to travel to Europe on a budget

One of the most common myths about traveling to Europe is that you need a lot of money
You don’t need to be rich to travel

You need a lot of documentation and requirements

Another of the myths about traveling to Europe that I used to believe is that it’s difficult to fulfill all the requirements. Depending on your home country it might be more or less difficult.

Most countries in America don’t need a visa. And the rest of the conditions are not hard to achieve. You only need to prove that you are traveling for tourism purposes. Among other things, they will request a return ticket, a booking in a hotel, and enough money for your stay.

This point and the first are two things that stopped me from making my first trip to Europe. But the essential thing is to gather courage and take the first step.

Find out about the documents you need to travel to Europe on this link.

Another one of the myths about traveling to Europe is that the procedures are difficult
the conditions to travel to Europe are not as many as we think

Europe is romantic

In films, we have always seen Europe with that halo of romanticism. Yes, there is something true about that. Its history, its landscapes, and its old buildings have a special charm. But large cities also have a modern and hectic side typical of contemporary cities.

In the old towns and historic sites, you will see these dreamlike pictures. But out of there, you will also see the normal and noisy life of any city or town. Their supermarkets, traffic, chaos, and beggars will make you feel like you are on any other continent. So that idyllic and romantic image we have is one of the myths about traveling to Europe.

Although we use to think that Europe is romantic, there's also some stress in most modern cities
Europe might be romantic, but there’s also some chaos

Europe is small and it’s possible to visit many countries in a few days

Another myth about traveling to Europe is to think that we can visit many countries in a few weeks. When we see the tours in the packages offered by the travel agencies we think it’s doable. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I’ve never traveled with a tour, but when traveling on my own I’ve noticed how little you see for a couple of days. It’s true that Europe is not very big and the countries of Western Europe are very close to each other. But they are not so close that you can go from one to another in a couple of hours.

On a trip of 15 days, for example, I wouldn’t dedicate my time to more than 2 or 3 neighboring countries. And if we really want to get to know a culture, it’s better to visit several important cities in a single country. If you choose to visit many countries in a short time you will get stressed and hardly will have memorable experiences.

One of the myths about traveling to Europe is to believe that we can visit many countries in a short time
Europe is not as small as we believe

It’s cheaper to get around by train

In the movies I’ve always seen that they use the train a lot in Europe, thus I thought it was cheaper. It’s very common to believe this myth about traveling to Europe. And although traveling by train is convenient, it’s not the cheapest option. Also, there are many destinations that are not possible to reach by train.

Sometimes taking flights on low-cost airlines can be cheaper. There’s also the option of using coaches with international destinations at low prices. It is possible to get train tickets at low prices booking in advance, but in general, they are not as cheap as we use to think.

In this link, you can learn more about The Pros and cons of traveling around Europe by bus

Another of the myths about traveling to Europe that Hollywood makes us believe is that traveling by train is the cheapest option
The train is not the cheapest transport in Europe

It is cold all the time

Another impression that we sometimes have about Europe is that the weather is very cold or that all countries have the same weather. But it’s not like that. One of the things that I like about Europe is that the seasons are well-defined (where I live it’s always summer).

In some countries on the north like Belgium and the Scandinavian, the weather is cold as we believe. But there are countries and cities further south in which the summer is very hot and unbearable. Even in Paris, I’ve experienced warm days in autumn, so the climate in Europe is as unpredictable as anywhere else.

And in winter, snow doesn’t fall everywhere either, in fact in many famous cities, snow is not so common.

it's a common belief that weather in Europe is too cold and it snows everywhere
Not everywhere in Europe snows

They speak English everywhere

Another of the most common myths about traveling to Europe is to believe that they all speak English. In some very tourist cities, you may find more people who speak it, but this is not always the case. In the center and places frequented by tourists, it’s true that many people speak it. Away from those places, among the local people, you may find that most people don’t. Among young ones is possible to find more English speakers.

Some cities that surprised me because they speak much English are Florence, Lisbon, and Sarajevo. Especially the latter since it’s not very touristy. In Paris, and in France in general, they hardly speak English, except in crowded museums and some restaurants. Even once, at the train station, I found out that the staff didn’t speak English at all.

In general, the more you move away from tourist cities and the center, the less you will find multilingual people. But there is nothing to worry about, it’s always possible to find a way to communicate.

Another myth about traveling to Europe is that everyone speaks English
Speaking English doesn’t guarantee the communication in Europe

All European countries use the euro

It’s common to think that all European Union countries use the euro as currency. This is one of the myths about traveling to Europe. Although there is a wide area that uses the euro as a currency, not all European countries have incorporated it.

Many countries, especially Central and Eastern Europe, still use their local currency. Some examples are Switzerland, The Czech Republic, and Croatia, although there are several more. So don’t worry about changing all your money to euros. You can always have cash at the ATMs that will give you the local currency or use the exchange offices.

Believing that all European countries use the euro is another of the most widespread myths about traveling to Europe
you can use the ATM machines to get the local currency, as not all the European countries use the euro

These are the most common myths about traveling to Europe that I’ve heard and that even I used to believe. What are the myths that you have heard about it? Have you already traveled to Europe? Tell me about your experiences in the comments section. ⇓⇓

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